Ghostly Views

You run from me, you hide and shiver with terror. You see me as the intruder in my own home.

You even try to banish me! Alas, I feel your restless presence where ever I may be, never giving me peace.

What is my crime?

Do you truly fancy the thought of me choosing this existence? My continuance even after all your efforts is not by my choosing.

I beg for release, to be free from bonds and to truly exercise my will upon the world around me once more. But all I can do is watch you, to try and have you grasp my presence.

At night…

I try to wake you while you sleep but to no avail.

Its ok though, for it seems to me that i have been granted an eternity.

While you seem to only have days. I tried to warn you even after all you put me through. Its ok, we shall meet more formally soon.


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