Good Nights Rest

Madness, absolute madness! I can’t relax, the sounds are everywhere yet no where at once. The constant chattering, stomping through the home. What is it they want! My body? My very soul? The only peace I get is when I close my eyes at night and even that has been taken from me. Perhaps I should close my eyes for good, that would show them. Show them all that I can’t be controlled! At least not forever. Or would that let be letting them win, maybe it’s what they want. I can’t stop shaking, I may of hit my head at some point on the wall. Did they do that to me? Did I do that to myself? Why is it dark, I thought it was morning out? Maybe I already did it, put my self to sleep forever and this is what death is like, a throb in the head and complete darkness.

It is oh so quiet now. Listen, do you hear them? The voices from inside? I do, or at least I did. Maybe I pulled the trigger after all. I can only hope it was only on myself. I’ll close my eyes now, maybe get some sleep, even though it’s cold all around me the sounds in my head now have to keep.

-Good night-


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