They try to say its done for their own good, that they will be healthier afterwards and live longer lives. Maybe that’s true but I wonder, how would I feel if they did it to me? I mean I’m not running around the alleys and living in boxes or pestering strangers just trying to go on with their normal lives. Maybe I’m thinking to much into it. Honestly the government has its reasons for instating the population control laws and the bi-annual open seasons for hunters.

Ugh, the hunters. Don’t get me started with them and their trophies. Who really needs a mounted head on their wall? Like you’re so big and brave, you were a couple of hundred yards away when you pulled that trigger any how.

Any how, I guess it just started to bother me when they started to “fix” them at younger and younger ages at the open clinics. Plus the way in which they were picked just seemed questionable to me, who’s really to judge a strays worth when their older. But hey it did help the population, you spay or neuter the stray when their young and toss them back in to the wild population on the streets and its like they claim their territory so in time things just sort themselves out.

Though the ones who get put down may deserve a little more of a chance, maybe more than just a one strike and you’re out deal. It is done peacefully though, the euthanasia, with a cocktail of chemicals adapted from the old prison system.

Maybe I’m just concerned since I’ve noticed my parents arguing more lately, supposedly neither of them can find work. It’s hard to get a decent job that actually pay the high bills, there is just so many people now days, the news says we’re down to twelve billion finally but it’s a surplus as my economics teacher put it. What do you do when the leaders put forth the laws of supply and demand with people.

I think we may be in trouble soon, I may be a stray soon living in some ally with so many others. I don’t want to be… Fixed… I  sure as hell don’t want to end up with a cocktail needle in my arm either, especially just for trying to fight back.

Guess this is their greater good.


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