There shall be rest

Draped in red she leaned back onto the alter and lazily gazed at the brittle wooden door slowly splintering under the weight of tragedy outside. The flames licking through the cracks signaled the end of humanity. The silence was almost relaxing, it’s been to long since she last had some halcyon time. The religious has failed in their attempts. Warnings were seen through out history, deep within the cultures of man. We knew it would happen eventually but it always seemed so far away, all of our survival through so many trials just to be engulfed into flames by our light of life. The swelling Helios will be the final sight for Terra but all must come to an end. Even the realm of the divines will halt one day when all the energy is spent and their halls freeze over. Silence and darkness shall be all that remains and not even Prometheus can help.


Loosely inspired by Eugene Berman’s Cassandra(painting) and by Dr. Tyson’s Death by black holes(book).


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