About Me and The Site

In truth I’m probably similar to you in many ways, I have a normal day to day job that eats up a lot of time and pays enough to take care of the bills and honestly I’m thankful for that much. Only problem there is that my career leaves no room for some true expression, some creativity. As well I have found my self being tired of only being a constant consumer in this world, I wanted to make something, to be a creator, to produce something besides just always taking in. So this becomes an experimental outlet for me; to rant, write, and express ideas that may actually seem interesting to other people. I have a tendency to keep journals so thankfully I have a small step in this direction and like most I can get a bit opinionated I admit it. Now even though I write under a pseudo-name it does not mean I have any intentions of being hateful or permitting such aggression. I’d rather take the whole thing down and stick my nose back into books before that. I wish you all the best!



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